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What choo talkin bout?
Charles Darwin

Because they got drunk and tried to pretend that they were you
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Oh, Darwin...
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Awful. I fell asleep at 10:30 last night on the couch. I’m retarded. Now, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but I didn’t even wake up for Saved by the Bell. I’m pissed about that. So my day is going to be spent teaching myself guitar. I’ve already decided. I really hate today a lot. I’m wicked lonely, I’m sick of being home alone all day, and I want to find a job. I mean, yea, I need money, but I’m fucking bored. I can’t take it anymore, I’m going crazy.
I miss Janine a lot. I don’t like that my best friend lives 2 hours away. That’s the only reason I really want to move back to the city, so I can see her more. But then I think about it, and I really don’t want to live in the city. I want to be able to drive, and not be as cold in the winter. There’s pros and cons, I guess I’m just going to have to weigh them and figure out exactly what I want to be doing with my life right now. I wish I wasn’t so indecisive. I seriously have no idea what I want when it comes to anything. I don’t even know what I want to major in anymore. I could major in journalism, but it’s such a competitive field. I could major in philosophy, but where’s that getting me? A job as a philosophy teacher? No thanks. I really have no desire to finish 18+ years of school just to go back and teach people who hated it just as much as I did. I don’t know if I want to major in art, but that’s something I have to decide REALLY soon. I just can’t do something I don’t have a passion for, or I won’t do it. Kind of like how I never went to math class cause I hated it so much. Fuck quantitative reasoning. That class blew.
I don’t know if I’m going to the show on the 16th anymore. I really want to, cause it’s an awesome lineup, but fuck! It’s local bands, and it’s 15 bucks? Seriously, it costs me at least 25 or 30 bucks to get to and from Mass to begin with, and 15 on top of that? Hi, I’m poor right now. You know, that whole not having a job thing kind of means I have no money as well. So we’ll see. I’ll talk to the Skeptics, or maybe These Green Eyes and see if I can sit and be merch bitch for the night and maybe they’ll bring me in with them. That would be neat.
I’ve been listening to Kelly Clarkson, Hanson, and Matchbox 20 all day. How dorky am I? My poor puppy looks so bored and sad. I let him outside for a while, but he wanted to come back in, and now some dumb dog is walking up and down the street, and every time he gets in front of our house Cooper barks like a maniac.
Okay, I’m done updating for now. Maybe later if something interesting actually happens in my life, which probably won’t happen.

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I'm a nut.

Umm I love my new layout.
It's bright, it's called...lemon grapefruit tangerine or something, and I LOVE grapefruit, so yum.
Plus I'm bright and cheery *tee hee* Uhh...right.
Hahaha I'm such a goof.

There's a hole in the bucket.

My new layout is hard to read, and the friends page is near impossible.
But guess what? I don't care at all. One bit. Nope. I'm exhausted since I got up at 4 am, and fixing my livejournal layout is seriously the last thing on my list.
Maybe I'll have less livejournal lurkers this way too :P Not that I really care.

We're watching some show on tv about this dude that's trying to find a condo, or something. He is such a fag, and I want to punch him. "This room is really blue. those windows are really square. This room is really red. That carpet is really white." Yea. No fucking shit. Shut your mouth. It was a cute condo too. Wicked big, high ceilings, colorful. Guys should not be able to choose where the family is going to live.

I need to figure out what the hell I'm doing within the next couple of months.

Oh! I got a lot done today. I guess I can actually make a decent update for once.

So I actually don't know what the hell I'm doing for the next couple of months. I think I'm gonna live home, get a job (seriously, I need one. Not only am I poor, but I'm broke, and I'm living without a car which makes me wanna freak out really bad), get a car. I called the insurence company today and talked to the guy about the kind of car I want, and he put in a random vin number of the celica model/year/make and factored in my accidents and tickets, and it's gonna be about 96 bucks a month. The cheapest my insurence EVER was, was around 120 a month, and it was when I was on my parents insurence. So 96 a month? Fuck.yes. That's seriously so doable. If I don't finance a car and just pay in full for it, I'll be paying 96 a month, and seriously, what else to I have to pay for? gas, cigarettes, food if I randomly decide I'm hungry, which I barely ever am, and booze. Gas is wicked expensive right now (and my x button is bitching out hcore) but oh well. Then I can save for paying for school in the fall or spring, depending on when I go. Which leads into my next issue.

I don't know when I wanna go to school. I finished my app for sva completely today, besides the essay, which I haven't even started yet, and finishing my portfolio, which I feel like it's NEVER gonna get done. UGH. I'm so irritated with art school shit. So I think I'm gonna skip out on photo and major in journalism. Which they effing offer at Umass Amherst, which is sweet, cause usually it's only a minor. Oh, if I could major in that I might get really excited. But I've also been thinking about majoring in philosophy, since I LOVE it. They also offer that there. Another cool thing, 80% of applicants are admitted, SAT scores are right around what I got, (but I'm seriously considering taking them again since now there's an essay on it, and since I kick ass at essays, I should be able to get a higher score no problem) and it's not even as expensive as sva. Plus, I can have a car on campus, which is something I definitely want. So if I lived on campus I wouldn't have to pay for an apartment, which is neat. The only reason I'd ever want to live off campus is because a lot of schools wont let you have a car there first year, and that's something I think I absolutely need. Especially since I NEED to have a job while I'm there. No doubt about that one.
The only downside to Umass? I can't go there until the spring. The fucking application was due by feb 1st. Maybe if I wasn't such a dumbass I would have started it a whole lot earlier, like when I was still at Marymount, or maybe right after I left there, oh, a month and a half ago. Well, at least I'm getting motivated now, right?
So I did a lot of the Umass application today, and when I went to go look at the essay questions so I could start it, or at least mull over some ideas for it, there wasn't a fucking section! So I talked to Ryan, and made sure he had to do an essay for it. He told me to call the school and see what the hell the deal was with there being NO space for me to do an essay. UGH. So I called the admissions office and told them, and the lady seriously was such a dumbass. How do people who are so mentally retarded work at colleges and universities? I mean, at least have to graduate HIGH SCHOOL to get a job somewhere like that, please for christs sake. So she said she would have someone call me back when they got in, and someone would let me know what the problem is and what I should do.
I called them around...Oh, I don't know, 11 this morning? Have I heard back from them? No. Way to be wicked unreliable. Oh well.

So Mom thinks I should try to go to school in the fall, but I think I'm just gonna see if I get into Umass, which I'm really hoping I do (I shouldn't have a problem, I'm pretty sure) and for the next 11 months just get the rest of my shit out of the way. As in, a car and paying off my 30,000 dollars in debt. Stupid Marymount, I hate you. Wasted 3 months of my life and cost me 10,000 per month. Grrr.

I don't even want to bother applying for a student loan right now, since my credit should be kind of fixed by next year, I'm hoping.

Alright, this is wicked long, and I'm pretty sure I hate how uncomfortable my layout is, so I lied. I'm gonna change it.
I'm glad I have my life for the next year at least going in some direction now. I just need to push myself, and I know this is something I really wanna do.
And I'm thinking I can just do photo on the side.
Alright, /story of my life. I probably just bored you all to death. :P
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Daily Fortune

Tell that someone that you love them.

You can feel a change, and you just know it's going to be a big one. The pace of life -- yours in particular, if you were to take a poll among your friends -- has picked up considerably. Needless to say, you have endless energy, but ordinarily, you'd feel guilty if you stayed up too late. Toss those feelings out the window, right now. It's all part of what's coming.

chaseeee it's you I wantttt

all I want to do is take a motherfucking shower. I should have showered in Wolcott, but like I was supposed to know our water was being fixed today. So now there are people digging in my front yard, fixing shit, and I can't take a shower till they leave. I seriously am SO digusting. Thankfully I haven't left the house at all since I got home from Wolcott. But I feel so gross, since I'm kind of a freak about being clean. ahhhhhhh leave already dammit!

Panch is getting his tires replaced right now, and I think we're hanging out after that. But only if I get to shower. I refuse to leave the house feeling this nasty. My hair smells like beer and weed. YUM. And there's still product in it, so right now, technically, I could make myself have a sick fro, or maybe even make it all stand up straight. That could be neat. :P
I'm a dork.

And I love cranberry juice.
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It's allllllright!

Okay, this is million one-liner posts a day, but I just had to reiterate the fact that Saved by the Bell is by far the best show in the ENTIRE world, and I am really wicked excited that I got up early enough to watch it.
I can tell today is going to be pretttty awesome already.
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I forgot how much I fucking LOVE dane cook.



I was gonna go to sleep, now I have to listen to 3 hours of Dane Cook. Then maybe I'll sleep :P
GOD I'm a dork.
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