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does it ever get easier to live like this?

we can't go on like this

Allee sonn
21 September
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-If she gets nowhere in life at least she knows she's pretty-
Stumbled upon my journal, have you? Fabulous.

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My name's Allison, but honestly, I can't think of one person who actually calls me that. My nicknames are really out there, but I love each and every one of them, because my best friends all made them up, and they're so cute =)

I'm Wallyson, Allee sonn, and Alli2.oh! to Colin and Carly
All2, Alli2.oh!, and the other allio to...Allio and Jessay
Boobs & head on collision to Joey
guava to Bre IN (my kuawa)
the boob girl to the entire sixfinger message board
I've noticed that all guys that are interested in me call me Alli...strange.
Al to the family and my closest friends (crys and amber)
Last year's senior guys (phil, gus, etc) call me AShea! and I'm refered to as Shea by others
Some random kid always calls me Bella
Childhood nicknames still stick with me, like Alli Cat and Alli Baba
Ian likes to refer to me as Alli's son, or lison...haha

and I think those are all of them. Random, I know.

My journal is LONG, opinionated, sometimes annoying, sometimes I piss people off with my blatent honestly and opinionated views on everything, but this is my journal! You don't need to read it. My posts are usually long, and I do an ungodly amount of surveys/quizzes. I attempt to put them behind a cut, but if I don't, don't yell at me...just simply take me off your friends list, I won't mind, promise.

In my spare time I enjoy a good game of circle of death with Carly & co. I also do random things, like drive out of state for no reason, see Janine as much as possible, and chill with Ari! You can usually find me at the starbucks in madison, or reeking havock on cumby's next door. My job: "pump ___ you're authorized to pump first and then pay inside!" or "pay first and then pump inside" yea sometimes I mess it up...

I go to shows sometimes, although not nearly as much as I used to. The scene is okay, but the people in it get to me. I love going to see my friends play, it's awesome to watch them doing something they love. I drive everywhere for my favorite bands, and people may call me a groupie or a scenester...label me if you will, but I beg to differ =P

That's about all there is to it, so have fun reading every aspect of my life, add me to your friends list, but leave me a comment if you do so. because I'll never take the time to see if new people have added me, and you'll never be added.

I love you all =P

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(my interests doesn't do them any justice)
Most of these bands I've met, or I aspire to meet them. Or I've banged them. JayKay.
The locals have stars next to them, so DEFINITELY check them out and show some support, cause one day they'll be wicked famous and you'll be really sad you didn't get in on them when they were cute and local <3

the flamingos*

the flaming tsunamis*

reel big fish

new found glory

the skeptics*

the slackers*

tri state conspiracy*


the postal service

the ataris

phantom planet

rise against


boys night out

less than jake

blind melon

blood for blood

gin blossoms



these green eyes*


suburban legends*


big D*

five iron frenzy

calibretto 13

something corporate

story of the year

saves the day

brand new

coheed and cambria

from autumn to ashes

frank sinatra

fall out boy

the spill canvas

dashboard confessional

high school football heroes*

planet smashers

tip the van*

bright eyes


doozer (RIP)

the early november

head automatica


jimmy eat world

the good life



hawthorne heights

hot hot heat

hot rod circuit

hidden in plain view


sunny day real estate

fenix tx

malachi constant (RIP)


motion city soundtrack

my chemical romance

self against city

the starting line



the pretentious*


pretty girls make graves


know them, learn them, love them.
Go to their purevolume sites, or myspace. NOW.
(i.e. http://www.purevolume.com/boysnightout or http://www.myspace.com/theflamingos)

By the way...
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You are going to die drowning after drinking too much/doing too many drugs. Dying like all of the greatest rockers – because you live like one. You like to party and experiment with perception. Rock on hippie.

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hell motherfucking yes.